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  • Artisan ice cubes add flavor to your menu.

    Try Artisan Ice

    Artisan ice is the newest revolution in craft cocktail making. Many restaurants and bars are coming up with creative flavored and shaped ice cubes to enhance cocktail sales. Here are a few easy varieties to try.

  • Mix up your brunch menu with waffle-wiches

    Waffle-Wiches for Brunch

    Sure, a waffle tastes great topped with West Creek butter and syrup, but why stop there? Make your brunch menu stand out with waffle-wiches. Yep, they are just what they sound like—replace toast with waffles and you've got a slightly sweet, perfectly crunchy canvas for all sorts of flavors. Chef Rich Smice from Performance Foodservice—Thoms Proestler has a variety of innovative waffle dishes that will make your menu stand out from the masses.

  • ultimelt

    When You Need Creamy Texture and The Perfect Melt Try Ultimelt

    Nachos, cheese fries, beer-cheese dip, cheese grits, mac and cheese… no matter what your signature cheesy recipe is, starting with the right quality cheese and achieving smoothest melt is of utmost importance. That’s why our experts created UltiMelt.

  • Delectable Italian Style Desserts for Spring

    Summer, Fall and Winter are seasons for fruit pies, but Spring is a season when customer naturally choose lighter flavors.

  • oysters

    Celebrate Lent with American Seafood

    Serving seafood during Lent means big money for your business. In fact, several studies have shown that restaurants who offer seafood specials on Fridays during those 40 days can increase seafood sales by up to 20 percent. Since seafood items are already some of your higher dollar menu items, this is a good time to get creative with your menu and see serious results.

  • Mardi gras gumbo

    Mardi Gras Menu

    Mark your calendar, lose your inhibitions and learn to yell, “Throw me something mister!” Come to New Orleans seeking fun and great food and you will never be disappointed. If you can’t make it this year, throw a party in your restaurant. I’ve got a few classic dishes from the Big Easy so you can make a perfect Mardi Gras menu.

  • Herb butter

    Spread the Love With Compound Butters

    Compound butter is a delectable mixture of unsalted butter with savory or sweet ingredients. It's a simple but sublime way to creatively enhance appetizers, entrées or any special offering.

  • chicken wing recipes to spice up your menu

    Six Chicken Wing Sauces To Spice Up Your Menu

    Whether you're getting ready for football or just looking to spice up your menu, we have six fresh wing sauces for you to try out on your menu with your favorite chicken wings. When making wings, we suggest starting with our Roma® Wingzz (bone-in), Roma® Wyngz (boneless), or our West Creek® Wings.

  • healthy kids menu

    Adding Healthy Foods to the Children's Menu

    I can walk into almost any restaurant and guess what’s on the Children’s Menu without even looking and I bet you can too! It is possible to offer some healthy options without chasing away your youngest clients. You can introduce super foods into the menu without being overly obvious.

  • Valentine's Cookie

    Valentine Menu Magic

    The real origin of Valentine’s Day is murky. Some say it represents Saint Valentine. However, there are three different martyred saints named Valentine. Some say it began when the Catholic Church wanted to stop a pagan roman festival called Lupercalia.