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Bacio - Not Just For Pizza!

Chef Anthony Bussiere is at it again, coming up with new, inventive ways to utilize Bacio cheese in the kitchen. These recipes not only play off of the great melt that Bacio cheese provides, but also showcase the exceptional flavor profile that you get from that "kiss of buffalo milk." As an added bonus, many of these recipe ideas play into the current trend of small or shared plates. Just how much could you charge for these great recipes on your menu?



Deep Fried Bacio with Marinara

A high-class version of a fried mozzarella stick, Bacio cheese has a superior melt that gives it that extra gooey factor that will make this appetizer memorable.

2 oz plank Premium Whole Milk Bacio Cheese (291444)
3 oz. Roma Traditional Marinara Sauce (240392)
4 oz. Italian Flavored Breadcrumbs
2 oz. Roma High Protein Flour (231254)
4 oz. Liquid Egg Whites
1 sprig Peak Fresh Produce Basil

*Average Plate Cost: $1.31

Menu Price: $6.00



Proscuitto Wrapped Bacio Cheese

An elegant plate presentation with 4 wrapped pieces of cheese takes this simple recipe up a notch. This is the flavor of Italy in a single bite.

2 oz. Premium Whole Milk Bacio Cheese (291444)
2 slices prosciutto
1 small Peak Fresh Produce Tomato
2 Tbsp Roma Pesto witout Pine Nuts (287852)
2 Tbsp Balsalmic Italian glaze

*Average Plate Cost: $1.71

Menu Price: $8.00



Deconstructed Bacio Caprese Salad

When cut to look like fettuccine, the Bacio cheese in this recipe is sure to attract attention.

6 oz. Premium Whole Milk Bacio Cheese (291444)
3 pieces asparagus
5 Empire's Treasure Tiger Shrimp 26-30 count (157199)
1 sprig Peak Fresh Produce Basil
2 Tbsp Piancone extra virgin olive oil (106133)
2 Tbsp Balsamic Italian glaze
3 grape tomatoes

*Average Plate Cost: $3.96

Menu Price: $8.00



Bacio Stuffed Meatballs

A true classic, 3 plated meatballs are elevated with the creamy texture of Bacio cheese.

6 oz. Meatloaf Meatball mix
3/4 oz. Premium Whole Milk Bacio Cheese (291444)
1 sprig Peak Fresh Produce Basil
4 oz. Roma traditional Marinara sauce (240392)1 Tbsp Roma Pesto witout Pine Nuts (287852)

*Average Plate Cost: $1.99

Menu Price: $7.00



Bacio Steak Bomb

Our variation on the traditional cheese steak, the Bacio cheese melts nicely into all of the traditional sandwich fare.

1 10 inch white sub roll
2 oz. Peak Fresh Produce Jumbo Yellow onion (866541)
3 oz. Peak Fresh Produce mushrooms (272379)
6 oz. beef flap meat, diced
2 oz. Premium Whole Milk Bacio Cheese, shredded (301028)

*Average Plate Cost: $3.53

Menu Price: $8.00

*This is an average plate cost based on products listed. Pricing and products may vary based on market and season. However, with these plates getting marked up over 100% of their cost – you’ll find them to be profitable no matter what time of year!

Contributed by:
Anthony W. Bussiere, Corporate Executive Chef, PERFORMANCE Foodservice - NorthCenter