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Delectable Italian Style Desserts for Spring

Summer, Fall and Winter are seasons for fruit pies, but Spring is a season when customer naturally choose lighter flavors. Our Italian desserts are perfect for serving this time of year, whether it's during Easter Brunch, Mother's Day, or just on your regular menu.

Both our Piancone and Roma brands offer a wide variety of special desserts. Cakes, profiteroles, cannolis, sfogliatelle, cheesecakes, and tiramisu offer something for every palate. And our desserts in glass or mousse cups offer the same quality flavors in a smaller size. All are 4 ounces or less per serving, making them an ideal option for customers watching their waistlines before Summer. 

Piancone Desserts:

• Almond Cream Cake
• Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake
• Toasted Almond Crème Cake
• Toasted Almond Crème Cake Cups
• Zabaglione Tubs
• Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake
• Dark Chocolate Profiteroles 

Roma Desserts:

• Limoncello Mascarpone Cake
• Chocolate Blackout Layer Cake
• Italian Style Cheesecake 
• Sfogliatelle
• Cannoli Cream (Chocolate and Regular)
• Cannoli Shells (Large and Small Sizes)
• Tiramisu Cake
• Chocolate Mousse Cups
• Coffee Cappuccino Mousse Cup
• Raspberry Mousse Cups
• Panna Cotta Cups
• Tiramisu Cups
• Limoncello Cups