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Espresso, Meet Gelato: The Affogato

affogatoOne of our favorite ways to mix two of our favorite products, the affogato is an amazing dessert, snack, or even breakfast for patrons who are in the mood to indulge. So simple, yet so decadent, a fresh shot of strong espresso is poured over creamy gelato for strong, sweet, slightly melty perfection.

The term affogato comes from the Italian “affogare,” which means "to drown," an appropriate term for the way the gelato starts to melt as that steamy espresso drips over the top.

Making the perfect affogato is quite simple. To better uphold the contrast of creamy, cold gelato to steamy hot espresso, chill your bowl. Next, add a scoop of premium Piancone gelato. Offer your customers a choice of flavors. Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Cappuccino make for rich concoctions. Cookies and Cream or Vanilla Bean are a light and creamier. Mint Chocolate Chip adds a fresher note.

Once the flavor has been chosen, topping it with freshly brewed Piancone espresso is key, so it’s nice and hot with all the richness of our special blend that comes directly from Italy.

Some restaurants add a shot of amaretto or other liqueur to make it boozy; others top it with crumbled cookies or whipped cream. Different ratios of espresso to gelato yield different consistencies. Experiment and find a signature style for your operation!