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Fresh Takes on Traditional Flavors

Nature's Best Ice Cream with Brownie and Bacon toppingVanilla.  Chocolate. Strawberry.  You can find these ice cream flavors in nearly every freezer.  Often languishing there in favor of more exciting offerings.  Elevating these classic staples, however, isn’t all that difficult and can make for a unique signature dessert, not to mention a new way to use ingredients you are most likely already stocking.


Slap a slab of ice cream between a couple of Heritage Ovens Chocolate Chip Cookies and you’ve got the basics for a great ice cream sandwich.  But why stop there?  Macarons are wildly popular right now.  They can be made in nearly any color, from earthy tones to bright pastels, to complement the season, venue or theme.  Different sizes can be used to serve several on a slider sampler or one saucer-size sandwich that is sure to wow.  Simply slather ice cream between the macaron halves and it’s ready to go.


Trendy ingredients, like bacon, are another way to get your guests buzzing with excitement.  Weave Ridgecrest Bacon together like a mat, convection roast on a rack until crispy, then cut to desired size.  Slice out a corresponding shape of ice cream and you’ve got the components for a dish that can be easily and quickly plated during even the most busy rush with the added benefit of it being the type of creation that your guests will tell all their friends about the next day.


Of course, cutting the bacon into shapes may produce some left over scraps.  Why waste perfectly good bacon when you could plate a gooey Sweet Encore Chocolate Lava Cake or Fudge Brownie, add a scoop of ice cream, then sprinkle with the bacon bits.


Some ice cream flavors might seem basic, but with a little ingenuity and creativity, this inexpensive and easily stored ingredient can be elevated to so much more.

Nature's Best Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream.

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