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It’s Game Day—Bring On The Buffet

September brings the return of every guy’s favorite time of the year—football season! Games on weekend afternoons and weeknights are not only a chance to root for your favorite team—they’re an easy way to increase profits. Customers who come for a game will most likely stay for the entire thing, often ordering drinks and food through the game.

So, how do you get them to come to your restaurant when there are tons of options out there? Incentivize! Offering some sort of special during the game makes people excited to come in with a big group of friends. And, customers who come in and have a great experience might return week after week when their team hits the turf.

A free buffet with the purchase of a drink is an easy way to attract customers. Or, you can provide a buffet at half-time and invite customers to pay a small fee to indulge. If you lay out a display of our pre-made West Creek appetizers, your customers won’t be able to turn it down. Either way, keep the food simple. A selection of appetizers keeps guests satisfied and sticks with the theme of game-day snacking.

What you offer depends on how you want to use the buffet. If you want to offer it for free as a way to draw customers in, choose a few cost-effective snacks that will leave room for customers to order full meals.

  • Roma Macaroni and Cheese Bites feature creamy cheddar cheese mixed with macaroni and coated with crispy cheddar batter.
  • Roma Provolone Garlic-Breaded Cheese Sticks are a unique take on a cheesy crowd-pleaser. Sharp provolone is encased in garlic-butter breading.
  • West Creek Whole Battered Mushrooms are utterly pop-able. Serve them solo, or mix them more West Creek battered veggies and top them with bacon and shredded cheddar for an indulgent bar treat.

If you want to charge a flat rate for your buffet, add a few heartier dishes into the mix.

  • Roma Oven Roasted Chicken Wings arrive fully cooked and easier than ever to prepare. BBQ and hot wings come pre-sauced and ready to bake or fry. Serve them with Village Garden Pamesan Peppercorn, Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing, and you’re done.
  • Beef Empanadas will please more complex palates.
  • West Creek Jalapeno Cream Cheese or Cheddar Poppers always leave customers satisfied.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

Remember, whatever appetizers you choose, Brilliance Cooking Oil should be your go-to for frying. This premium blend of high oleic sunflower oil, corn oil, and cottonseed oils that allows the true flavor of food to come through. It’s unsurpassed in fry-life and maximizes the cost per pound of fried food.