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Hush Puppy Seafood

Empire's treasure hush puppy seafoodReally, do we need to say more? If a perfectly seasoned hush puppy sidled up to a crispy, crunchy fried shrimp, our Empire's Treasure Hush Puppy Coated Seafood would be their delicious offspring. Perfect texture, mouthwatering seasonings, fresh seafood flavor... trust us, you've got a best seller on your hands.

Empire's Treasure Hush Puppy Breaded Seafood is available in Shrimp, Pollock Nuggets, and Pangasius Fillets. Add them to your menu as entrées, or get a little more creative.

Hush Puppy Pangasius:

  • Who wouldn't want a Hush Puppy Fried Fish BLT? Pop pangasius fillets on toasted bread, top with crunchy bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo for a lunch special.
  • The 2-ounce pangasius fillets are also perfect for fish tacos. Use them in your traditional fish taco recipe, or create a Cali-Calibash Fish Taco stuffed with hush puppy fried fish or shrimp, Cotija cheese, diced avocado, sliced kale and a tangy Carolina vinger-based barbecue sauce.
  • Don't forget the brunch menu. Serve pangasius fillets over bacon-cheddar grits for a Southern-inspired dish.

Hush Puppy Shrimp:

  • Need a fun dish for your next catering event? Top individual fried shrimp with a small dollop of pimento cheese, wrap with prosciutto and skewer for passed hors d'oeuvres.
  • Top with shredded cheese, diced jalapeños and bacon bits for a sell-out appetizer. Who needs tortilla strips when you can put the same toppings on fried shrimp? Serve with a side of ranch dressing, of course.
  • For a more upscale starter, combine Hush Puppy Shrimp with arugula, roasted garlic and fried jalapenos, then serve with garlic aioli.

Hush Puppy Pollock Nuggets:

  • These are perfect for serving over salads. We like slapping them on top of a Cobb salad to add a little extra crunch to all the textures that are already in there.
  • The nuggets or the shrimp can also be placed into a po' boy sandwich.
  • Serve these or the shrimp alongside our new West Creek Beer Cheese Dip for a heartier option than chips or crackers.

Don't Forget Pairings:

When fried to perfection, the crunchy, seasoned batter on these seafood options just cries out for a cold beer. Don't miss the opportunity to upsell: suggest a special craft beer to enjoy with them on your menu.