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Instantly Upstyle Your Desserts

Instantly Upstyle Your Desserts Looking for some fresh desserts to serve for your next special occasion, but you don’t have a pastry chef on staff? Fear not, our Sweet Encore dessert line has enticing options for any type of eatery. Sea Salt and Caramel Cheesecake is ideal for bistros looking to capitalize on the latest dining trends. Mom and pop establishments can impress with home-style Mississippi Mud Pie. Options like Bananas Foster Cake, New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Overload Cake are perfect for steakhouses looking for finish an elegant meal with classic favorite desserts.

When you serve any of these delicious dishes, you simply can’t just slap them on a plate. Well, you can, but spending just an extra minute on presentation will awe your diners and allow you to charge a little more for the wow factor you created. It’s not hard. Here are how-to's for three decadent décor options:

Dessert Platescaping - Sweetheart Wreath Design
 Sweetheart Wreath
  1. Using two different sauces, ideally in contrasting colors, alternate sauce pools in a circle on a dessert plate. 
  2. Layer a dime-size pool of the other shade within each pool of sauce. 
  3. Draw a skewer in a circular motion through the pools to form a wreath.
 Dessert Platescaping - Criss Cross Design
 Criss Cross
  1. Draw straight lines with one sauce across the plate.
  2. Rotate the plate and draw the same number of straight lines across the plate in another color to form a grid.
 Dessert Platescaping - Ripple Design
  1. Cover a dessert plate entirely with one sauce. 
  2. Stripe it with a contrasting-colored sauce. 
  3. Draw a skewer through the stripes in alternating directions.