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Making Friends with French Fries

West Creek Citrus Fries

There's a reason signature fries are on the rise...

French Fries are used to the spotlight. Around the world, and in all types of cuisines, fried, seasoned, and crispy potatoes are always a crowd pleaser. Whether served on a plate alone in the purest fashion with just a sprinkle of salt and a side of ketchup, or combined with a variety of other flavors and served as an appetizer to share, French fries are a welcome addition to your menu, and a common order for your customers.

Make sure that your French fry line-up is something special – the versatility of these crispy favorites can allow for a lot of fun in your kitchen, and an extra lot of fun for your customers. Try out some of these inventive ideas below, you never know when a hit new signature dish is waiting to be discovered by your regulars.

Go Pub Style
West Creek Poutine Fries

Pub-Style Poutine

Top West Creek Skin-On Fries with beef brisket, thick gravy,
and melted sharp cheddar cheese. 

Time for a Dip

West Creek French Dip Fries

French Dip Fries
Wrap thick West Creek Steak-cut fries with black-pepper crusted
tenderloin, top with monterey jack cheese and toast until bubbly.
Serve with an au jus for dipping. 

Make it Sweet and Spicy

West Creek Honey Fries

Curried Sweet Potato Fries
Toss West Creek Sweet Potato Fries with toasted red
and yellow curry spices, and finish with a light drizzle
of honey and some roasted cashews.

Get Funky with It

West Creek Sausage Fry Skewers

Holy Tornado Sweet Potato Fries with Sausage

Skewer West Creek Sweet Potato Fries in between pieces
of chorizo or chicken and apple sausage and serve with
warm stone ground mustard sauce.



Spice it up, Cool it Down

West Creek Ole Chicken Fries

Chicken Olé Sweet Potato Fries

Layer plate with West Creek Sweet Potato Fries
and top with spicy shredded chicken, tomatillo dressing,
lettuce, cheese, and finely cut green onions.