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Pairings Meet Their Match: College Basketball

Spicy fried picklesWhat pairs well with college basketball?

The excitement of the championship is in the air, but people are hungry for more than tournament showdowns. By bringing unique pairing ideas to your tables you can entice more than 60% of guests who seek them out to order more than beer while they cheer.

Pairings Meet Their Match: College Basketball

People love watching college basketball with a cool brew in hand. It’s a time-honored connection that isn’t getting broken any time soon. Instead of replacing the tradition, we recommend adding a beer-battered spicy pub pickle to the other hand. With the championship in full swing, it’s a perfect time to add more to drink orders by matching your most popular dishes with drinks that make them even better. While earning more flavor-seekers’ favor, you can satisfy more than half of guests who are looking for pairings when dining out.1

Good pairings play with both similarity and contrast. Try cutting through savory richness of corned beef and a craft beer battered onion ring with a sharp and hoppy rye IPA that brings out the briny sauerkraut flavors:

Beer-jacked reuben sliders Each mini-reuben is piled with savory corned beef, melted Jack cheese and beer-braised red cabbage, brushed with roasted red pepper aioli and topped with a crisp Brew City® Black & Tan® Beer-Battered Thick Cut Onion Ring.

A unique way to bring a range of unique flavors to your guests is by combining pairings with another growing trend: flights. By pairing a flight of premium small plate items (like Brew City craft pale ale battered products) with a flight of craft beers you’ll be offering guests a three-point swish.
Big bite flight
An appetizer flight of spiced Brew City pale ale battered cheddar curds, herb-seasoned thin-cut fries and smoky citrus pickle wedges complements a flight of chef-selected craft beers.

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