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Meats for the Holiday Table

Give your carving knife some exercise. 
Our Ridgecrest® Cooked Beef, Spiral Hams, and Turkey Breasts are ready to be cooked, carved, and enjoyed!
Ridgecrest Cooked Beef
When it comes to the holidays, traditions abound in households and restaurants alike. One common factor that almost all traditions seem to contain, however, is the importance of a great meal that can be shared among family members. More often than not during the holidays, the main protein is the talk of the table, and is beautifully presented before it is carved and shared by all. Whether it’s a flavorful prime rib, a sweet glazed ham, or a perfectly browned turkey breast it's perfect to feed a large group and is sure to satisfy.

Our Ridgecrest brand boasts a large variety of consistently delicious main dishes that will save you time so you can focus on creating scrumptious side dishes that will complement your protein of choice. Beef, ham, and turkey are all easily paired with a multitude of sides, from hearty potatoes to creamy casseroles.

Ridgecrest Cooked Beef
In need of a pot roast or prime rib selection for your menu that eliminates a large portion of work and ensures
consistency? Ridgecrest cooked beef products are your answer. Our choice and select prime rib products are consistently cooked to a perfect rare, and are trimmed from end to end, eliminating the guesswork and labor on your part. Top Round cuts offer a consistent cook and trim for maximum usage and little waste, and are available in a variety of grades and shapes. Our Pot Roast is tender, and is lower in sodium with a flavorful au jus.

Ridgecrest Ham

Ridgecrest ams offer the highest level of quality and consistency for your menu, and are perfect for your catered holiday events 
Ridgecrest Spiral Ham
and parties. Ham is the centerpiece for many holiday celebrations and 
our All Seasons Natural Juice Ham and Traditional Black Forest Natural Juice Ham are perfect for carving or slicing for sandwiches. 

Ridgecrest Turkey
What better item for your holiday carving station than a traditional turkey breast? Our Ridgecrest turkey is a premium high quality turkey breast are exceptional for carving, and can be served hot for dinner or cold on a sandwich or salad. Use a traditional foil wrapped breast that is a boneless, skin on whole muscle turkey breast roast, wrapped in foil and ready to cook, after thawing, just take it from the box to the oven. Need a more convenient option? Try our Roast and Serve, a fully cooked version that requires only a fraction of the time in the oven. Also available in oil browned, oven browned, smoked, ready to cook, skin on, and skinless, we have a great tasting turkey breast that’s ready for your table. .

Need something to grace the side of your main dish?
Try these great hearty sides and spread some holiday cheer:

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Corn and Broccoli Casserole>>
Duchess Potatoes>>
Lyonnaise Potatoes>>
Ridgecrest Turkey BreastPotato Pancakes>>
Butter Beans with Ham Hocks>>