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Morning, noon, or night, nothing says “upscale delicious” like Heritage Ovens croissants.

Heritage Ovens CroissantsWhen most people think of croissants, they think of a flaky buttery pastry, typically in a half moon shape, that is served next to a steaming hot cup of coffee. While we would agree that most people have an accurate depiction of a croissant in mind, we’re here to tell you that croissants are much more than just an indulgent breakfast pastry - Heritage Ovens croissants are delicious at any time of the day. Whatever your day part, need, or occasion, we have the perfect croissant for unmatched appeal and taste. We firmly believe that anything with the adjectives flaky and buttery also deserve attention all day long. Our Heritage Ovens croissant line includes a full range of varieties for all your operation's needs. Order today and start serving Heritage Ovens croissants. Your customers will love them and so will your bottom line!




Heritage Ovens CroissantsBreakfast

Start your customer's day off with something extra special - a perfect medium size croissant for breakfast sandwiches or side. Serve with Roaster’s Exchange coffee, or in a basket next to our Heritage Ovens muffins. Add some West Creek jams and jellies on the side, or make a breakfast sandwich with our West Creek eggs, a slice of West Creek cheese, and some West Creek bacon or breakfast sausage.


Larger size croissants are perfect for sandwiches - our 2 and 3 oz croissants even come sliced and are sandwich ready! Simply fill with your favorite meat and cheese (try our West Creek line of deli meats) and top with some West Creek Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and serve with our Piancone or Village Garden dressings as a distinctive flavor-filled accompaniment. Serve with a side of one of our Rye Street soups for a delicious and memorable lunch pairing.

Heritage Ovens CroissantsDinner

Our small size croissants bring new excitement to the dinner bread basket. Partner with some Heritage Ovens dinner rolls and some West Creek butter and your customers will be easily won over.


Dip any of our croissants in chocolate, or fill with sweet creams and berries for an after-dinner treat.


Heritage Ovens

Available Sizes:

1 oz. Crescent, unsliced 1 oz. Round, unsliced
2 oz. Crescent, sliced 2.25 oz. Round, sliced
3 oz. Crescent, sliced 3 oz. Round, sliced