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Pairing Makes Both Food and Drinks Better

big bite flightYou can have a fantastic, on-trend menu with all the beverages guests are looking for, but if you aren’t offering pairing ideas, you are missing a big opportunity. More guests are looking for personalized dining experiences—something that takes their unique tastebuds into account. By matching your most popular dishes with drinks that make them even better, you can satisfy more than half of guests who are looking for pairings when dining out.1

Good pairings play with both similarity and contrast. When you are able to bring out the fresh, crispness of two items at the same time you are introducing a unique, char-gilled flavor to the mix, you have an excellent match:

Irish chicken saladIrish Chicken Salad
A hearty char-grilled chicken salad gets a bold twist with Brew City® Black & Tan® Onion Rings sprinkled with steakhouse seasoning. Pair with a sweet Riesling to complement the fresh crispness salad brings to the table.

french fry flightA unique way to bring a range of unique flavors to your guests is by combining pairings with another growing trend: flights. Try pairing a flight of premium small plate items (like Brew City craft pale ale battered products) with a flight of craft beers. You’ll be offering guests the impressive experience of three perfectly-paired meals at once.

Big Bite Flight
An appetizer flight of spiced Brew City pale ale battered cheddar curds, herb-seasoned thin-cut fries and smoky citrus pickle wedges complements a flight of chef-selected craft beers.

1Datassential, CPP 2014-2015.

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