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Raise Brand Awareness With Custom Pizza Boxes

Pizza in a delivery box.
We can help you. With a minimum order of 300 boxes, it's easy to put your brand or a seasonal message on your box.

When you decided to serve pizza you probably spent hundreds of hours deciding what kind of crust to serve, what topping combinations would appeal to customers and where to get the highest quality ingredients. You probably stewed over a name and logo that would generate attention and stick out in your customers’ minds. But, did you think at all about your pizza box?


Every pizza box that comes out of your restaurant comes into contact with 2.5 people as it is handled. No other marketing tool has that much guaranteed direct customer contact. When it arrives at the door, after the delivery man, it’s the customer’s first interaction with your brand, so it’s important that it enforce your personality, and that it reinforce the focus on quality you’ve built your menu on.


Roma pizza boxes are made from the most durable materials and they come in a variety of sizes. Plus, you can customize your box to showcase your logo or another message from your business. You might think custom boxes are only for large establishments, but we’ve engineered our processes to make it easy for anyone to take advantage of this unique service.

  • We can help you design your pizza box by showing you a personalized layout. If you don’t like something, we’ll change it until you are completely satisfied.
  • Our minimum order is 300 boxes, so just about any shop can get involved!
  • With one low one-time plate charge, we can print several box sizes, so your costs remain low, but your brand impact is everywhere.
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