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Seafood for Special Occasions

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve… there are certain times of the year when customers naturally want to order something special. On these occasions you want to be sure you have an array of succulent seafood options ready for them so they can splurge and you can reap the financial benefits of their successful celebration. Try some of our show-stopper seafood options as center points on your menu.

Empire’s Treasure Warm Water Lobster Tails
Our Empire’s Treasure Warm Water Lobster Tails are firm and dense with a rich, buttery flavor. They come from lobsters caught in the Caribbean and arrive at your operation frozen, making for quick and easy prep along with consistency year round. Choose from 4 to 24-ounce tails. Serve them simply steamed with brandy butter or get more creative and add them to decadent Lobster Carbonara.

Bay Winds Chilean Sea Bass
With its high fat content and rich, moist texture, sea bass is one of the top luxury fishes sold in the USA. Bay Winds Chilean Sea Bass is wild caught off the coast of Antarctica. Each filet is individually portioned then flash-frozen to preserve the fresh flavor. The thick, white steak-like appearance and mild-yet-rich flavor make it stand out among other varieties of sea bass and bass. For an entrée customers will be talking about for weeks to come, try Chilean Sea Bass with Edamame & Cabbage Confetti Slaw and Ridgecrest Applewood Bacon