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Sweet Appeal at Every Meal

Shareable Sweet Potato Appetizers
A great way to get people together at your place is to offer them something they won’t find next door. When guests know you have something unique to share, like pass-around sides made with their favorite sweet potato fries, they have a good excuse to gather.

Wholesome for the Whole Group
Consumers are actively looking for ways to connect.1 That’s great news for family dining restaurateurs because food has regularly been at the center of those connections. To help make your place a destination for group gatherings, it’s a good idea to build sharing into your restaurant’s main attraction: the menu. When you offer on-trend shareables guests are looking for,2 you can invite more guests to gather at your place. When you use products that strike the perfect balance between flavor and crunch, like Harvest Splendor® Sweet Potato Fries, you stand a good chance of attracting repeat visits.

Take a look at some unique shareable menu ideas featuring the sweet potato fries guests prefer over any other.

Italian Sweet Potato Fries
Italian Sweet Potatoes
Harvest Splendor® Deep Groove Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries toasted with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and grated Parmesan. Accompanied by a savory and creamy sun-dried tomato aioli.
Sweet Potato Nachos
Sweet Potato Nachos
Harvest Splendor® Maxi Cut Sweet Potato Fries topped with Korean kimchee and sautéed pork belly, served with sweet Thai chili sauce and Sriracha mayo.

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2 “Innovative, shareable appetizers drive sales,” Nation’s Restaurant News, 2013.

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