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The Easiest Pizza Sauce

pizza sauce
If you are looking for delicious, homemade, cost-effective pizza sauce for your menu (and really, who isn't?), we've got a perfect solution for you. Three simple ingredients combine for flavor perfection. The taste is fresh and rich without the added sweetness of some pre-made pizza sauces. It's rustic and simple—the perfect canvas for your favorite cheeses and toppings.

Easy Pizza Sauce
1 #10 can Roma Heavy Pizza Sauce with Basil
1 #10 can Luigi All in One Ground Tomatoes
1 #10 can filled with water

Combine all ingredients and spread directly on pizza. That's it! Don't pre-cook your pizza sauce as this will diminish the flavors of our fresh-packed Roma tomatoes.

Tomato fields where Piancone Tomatoes are Grown

Premium Tomatoes Are The Secret To Our Sauce

This recipe is super simple, yet completely delicious. What's the secret? The tomatoes!

We source Roma and Luigi canned tomatoes from the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys in California. The best vine-ripened tomatoes from the most reputable growers are selected, then canned within hours of being picked. No citric acid is added, meaning you get a fresher, more authentic tomato flavor. The tomatoes are steam-peeled and processed using minimal cook times and temperatures, all with a focus on creating the best-tasting product.

The formulas for many of our canned tomatoes were created in the 1970s when Louis Piancone, the founder of our Roma and Piancone brands, took the first of many trips to California where he worked with our suppliers to custom design recipes. His son Stephen, along with our team of experts, still visits California every year during tomato season to check the crop and make sure we are receiving premium quality.

Because we select the best products with minimal processing, you don't need to add extra ingredients. Simply open a can and enjoy the fresh flavor.