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Top Product Releases From 2014

One of the best parts of working with Performance Foodservice is our exclusive product selection. Our experts source the best products and values and bring them back to our customers. In 2014 we launched 126 branded products, each of which went through a rigorous testing and tasting process to be a part of one of our brands. Here are a few of our top releases:

Bay Winds Maine Lobster

A part of our premium Bay Winds brand, Maine Lobster is sweet, succulent tail, leg and claw meat. Our lobsters are harvested and processed in Maine, where the finest lobsters in the world come from because the cold water prevents the meat from absorbing the salt in the seawater. They are all-natural and fair trade, promoting sustainability and better trading conditions. You won’t find firmer texture or milder tastes anywhere around.

Bay Winds Japanese Hokkaido Sea Scallops

The coastlines around the island of Hokkaido are where some of the most prime, sustainable, traceable fisheries in the world are located. Our wild-caught Bay Winds Hokkaido Scallops are day-boat harvested there. Known for size and consistency, these sashimi-grade scallops have a unique, sweet taste and uniform size that makes them a perfect menu addition.

Silver Source Cod, Haddock & Pollack

These new competitively priced fish options have been flying off the shelves. Silver Source Cod Loins as well as Haddock and Pollack Filets are the perfect option for restaurants looking to serve delicious fish without breaking the bank. All three of these white, flaky fish varieties taste great baked or fried.  

Heritage Ovens Brioche Roll

Customers just couldn’t get enough of our premium, buttery Heritage Ovens Brioche Rolls this year. If you’ve never tried Brioche, one bite of this flaky, buttery roll that has high egg end butter content will have you hooked. These rolls pair perfectly with our signature Braveheart Angus Beef Burgers.

Talk to your Area Manager about adding these products to your menu today!