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Try Artisan Ice

Artisan ice cubes add flavor to your menu. By Corporate Chef Ron Warner
Performance Foodservice—Lester

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a thing! Artisan ice is the newest revolution in craft cocktail making. Many restaurants and bars are coming up with creative flavored and shaped ice cubes to enhance cocktail sales. Here a few easy varieties to try:

Big Ice: Many mixologists are thinking outside the box when making ice cubes. They are utilizing unconventional vessels such as different diameters of cut PVC pipe to create large circular ice cubes. Additionally bartenders are getting creative with other shapes and sizes of ice. We carry oversized ice cube trays as well as sphere ice molds on our E&S Direct website—they're an easy way to get in on the trend.

Bitters Ice: A drop of bitters poured into each cube of an ice cube tray and frozen with water can be the perfect compliment to your Manhattan, Fallen Angel or Old Fashioned cocktail.

Zested Ice: A few pieces of citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) frozen into ice cubes can give a flavorful accent down to the very last drop of your beverage.

Spiced Ice: Spice up your Bloody Mary by adding a drop of hot sauce or Sriracha to your ice cubes. The beverage infused with an extra kick of flavor as the ice melts.

Flower Ice: Freeze edible flowers in ice cubes and add them to cocktails, lemonade or ice tea for showers, holidays or other parties in your restaurant. It's a simple flourish that looks very fancy.

Energy Ice: Offer a buy-up for your energy cocktails by freezing the energy drinks that you already carry into ice cubes. Doesn’t “Would you like to add energy ice to your cocktail for just two dollars?" sound good to you?