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Turning on the Creativity - Just in Time for the Holidays

Chocolate Espresso TrufflesWhat do you get when you blend some of our much-loved dessert items with a little bit of ingenuity? You get a delicious creation that not only saves you time in the kitchen, but will not fail to impress your customers.

Our own Chef Richard J. Camerota, the Corporate Executive Chef at Performance Foodservice-Springfield, has shared a great idea that is perfectly timed with the cooling of the months and the progression towards the holiday season. By using our Heritage Ovens Chocolate Indulgence Cake, our Piancone espresso, and a few dashes of some favorite ingredients, Chef Richard came up with a great recipe for Espresso Chocolate Truffles that will allow you to mix in some of your favorite flavors of the season.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Heritage Ovens Chocolate Indulgence Cake GF (#366767)
Piancone Espresso
Roma Cinnamon
West Creek Heavy Cream

Here’s how to make them:
Completely thaw a Heritage Ovens Chocolate Indulgence cake. Once thawed, remove the papers in between the slices of cake, and place all slices into a mixing bowl. Brew an ounce of Piancone espresso, and add to the bowl. Add a splash of Kahlua, a splash of heavy cream (overall, you want about 2 ounces tops of liquid), and a dash of cinnamon. Mix all ingredients together.

Chocolate Espresso TrufflesOnce the ingredients are mixed, use a melon baller to scoop out quarter-sized amounts of the chocolate mixture, and roll with your hands into balls. Roll truffles in cocoa powder, coconut pieces, chopped nuts, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, or whatever strikes your fancy! Feel free to experiment with the flavors mixed in with the truffles as well!

This recipe will makes approximately 90 truffles.

Contributed By:
Richard Camerota
Corporate Executive Chef, PERFORMANCE Foodservice - Springfield