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Valentine Menu Magic

The real origin of Valentine’s Day is murky. Some say it represents Saint Valentine. However, there are three different martyred saints named Valentine. Some say it began when the Catholic Church wanted to stop a pagan roman festival called Lupercalia. In the fifth century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th Valentine’s Day. Written Valentines started circulating in the 1400's. The oldest known love message is from the Duke of Orleans written to his wife who was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Whatever the history is, us guys all know one thing. We had better make sure we get the perfect card and make a reservation at the perfect restaurant if we do not want to end up in the proverbial dog house on Valentine's Day. Indulgence and romance are the keys to a successful holiday. That's where the perfect menu and food comes in.

Performance Foodservice can help you provide the perfect experience. With our wide range of products and some creative ideas, we can take the stress out of the holiday.

Now that you have some more time, make sure you get the perfect card and gift so you don't end up in trouble!

Menu Inspiration:

You can't go wrong with oysters, a known aphrodisiac.
Champagne Oysters
Oyster Rockefeller Salad
Oysters Bienville

You know you'll need some show-stoppers!
Black & White Sesame-Crusted Sea Scallops with Sweet Corn Sauce and Green Pea Timbale
Lobster-Stuffed Braveheart Filet with Brandy Beurre Blanc
Lobster with Golden Tomato and Pepper Creole Sauce
Braveheart Filet Stuffed with Boursin Cheese and Hunters Sauce
Oyster Rockefeller Pasta

The most important on Valentine's Day.
Cherries Jubilee
White Chocolate French Custard
Bananas Foster

Contributed by:
Lonnie Varisco
Center of the Plate Specialist
Performance Foodservice – Caro