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Which Came First, the Carton, or the Egg?

It’s no longer a little-known fact – customers love breakfast. And…psst…here’s another tip, they don’t only love breakfast in the morning, they’re craving it at other times of the day too. With so many delicious optionsWest Creek Eggs appearing on menus all over the country, we can hardly say we blame them. With exciting new choices like breakfast burritos and wraps, egg scrambles with spicy chorizo and crispy potatoes, and French toast with an assortment of new fruit compotes and flavored syrups…well, we’re starting to make ourselves hungry too!

So with this resurgence of the popularity of the morning meal, maybe it’s time you rethink one of the biggest parts of your breakfast menu – your egg selection. Have you thought about, say, our West Creek liquid eggs? Our West Creek brand has a large variety of different types of egg products that can save you time in the kitchen, all while assuring you (and your customers) that you are using a safe product that you can rely on day in and day out. Let us help to dispel a few myths surrounding these easier-than-ever eggs, and make you a convert in the process!

Are West Creek liquid eggs real eggs?
Absolutely. All West Creek egg products come straight from real eggs, but they are cracked and packaged to save you time in the kitchen and to ensure that you get the safest product possible.

Are they safe?
Yes! Our West Creek Liquid eggs are cracked within 24 hours of their being laid, preventing contamination during storage. The ultra-pasteurization process ensures eggs are salmonella, E. coli, and listeria free before they are packaged under extremely sterile conditions. All plants that pack West Creek Liquid Eggs meet or exceed the strictest HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards.

Are they more expensive than shell eggs?
West Creek EggsWest Creek Liquid Eggs actually help you to reduce waste. On average, 21% of a shell egg is lost during the cracking, preventing you from getting the full benefit of the eggs you’ve purchased. Also, approximately one egg
 per flat gets broken when you buy shell eggs – buying a liquid egg product ensures that neither of these things will happen.

Can they be used in other recipes?
Of course! With a wide selection of egg products under our West Creek brand (choose from Scrambled Egg Patties, Cheese Omelets, Whole Liquid Eggs, Hard Cooked Eggs, and Scrambled Egg Mixes), there’s something for every recipe. Use West Creek Whole Liquid Eggs in place of shell eggs in any recipe, and rest assured that your recipes will be free from those pesky little pieces of shell! See some recipes below for great ways to work our West Creek eggs into your kitchen.

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