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Our Family of Brands

Many of the thousands of products we offer are unique to Performance Foodservice. In addition to carrying nationally known labels, we've developed our own proprietary brands of food and food-related products—names such as West Creek, Village Garden and Heritage Ovens, which were created to meet our customers' specific needs. We're continually in the test kitchen exploring new ways to add quality, value and flavor to our customers' menus. 

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  • Allegiance Premium Pork


    Allegiance is the highest level pork on the market with the best cuts from hogs raised to exacting specifications.

  • Ascend


    Ascend beverage’s portfolio ranges from value bottled waters to juices and sports drinks to syrups and bar mixers.

  • Asian Pride

    Asian Pride

    Asian Pride® brand features a portfolio of authentic Asian foods, from rice and noodles to sauces and pastes to grocery items and perfectly prepared frozen entrées and appetizers.

  • Assoluti


    Assoluti features a wide range of Italian basics with Old World flavor profiles.

  • Bacio Logo Tan


    Bacio is a uniquely crafted combination of mozzarella and a signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ for delicious authenticity.

  • Bay Winds

    Bay Winds

    Bay Winds’ top tier seafood portfolio features all-natural, premium seafood sourced from sustainable areas of the globe.

  • Braveheart

    Braveheart Black Angus Beef

    Braveheart redefines premium beef, setting a higher bar for quality, tenderness, and taste.

  • Brilliance


    Brilliance Premium Oils help produce full-flavored foods while offering high performance fry life.

  • Burst Spices


    Burst features popular spices and seasonings in reduced-size containers so each can be used at max flavor and freshness.

  • Contigo logo


    Contigo pays homage to Latin cuisine with diverse products sourced for authentic taste and flavor.

  • Corazo


    Use Corazo cheeses in place of any Cheddar or Monterey Jack cheeses for unsurpassed flavor and superior melt qualities.

  • Delectables


    Delectables is our brand of great-tasting, value-priced tabletop products.

  • Dominion


    Dominion’s fresh, high end cuts of American Angus beef meet stringent industry standards across all product lines.

  • Empire's Treasure

    Empire’s Treasure

    Empire’s Treasure items feature firm texture and succulent tastes that are ready to fry, bake, and amaze your customers.

  • Entice


    Our Entice® Culinary brand features a wide portfolio of delicious hors d’oeuvres that are crafted with unique flavors and artisan presentations and designs.

  • FarmSmart


    FarmSmart® is about getting back to basics and focusing on the well-being of farmers and animals, as well as the land where they live.

  • Favoloso


    Favloso is a Midwest original cheese with a signature bite, offering an extremely creamy melt and great stretch.

  • First Mark

    First Mark

    First Mark is the essential brand to cover your establishment’s needs in non-food and chemical products.

  • Guest House Premium Teas

    Guest House

    Guest House teas feature an impressive collection of tasteful teas, attractively packaged for the front of the house.

  • Heritage Ovens

    Heritage Ovens

    Heritage Ovens features an array of bread and dessert selections available as unbaked, par-baked, or prebaked items.

  • Luigi


    Luigi Italian products deliver delicious, authentic flavors for customers who require value-priced consistency.

  • Magellan


    Magellan imported products are packed to high standards and offer consistency as well as value.

  • Nature's Best Dairy

    Nature's Best

    Nature’s Best Dairy brings you the best in high quality dairy products—all sourced from dairy farms across America.

  • Northland Star

    Northland Star

    Northland Star offers a complete range in multiple cheese categories—shredded, diced, or blended to meet your needs.

  • Peak Fresh Produce

    Peak Fresh Produce

    Peak Fresh Produce sets the highest standards for growers and packers to ensure premium produce every time.

  • Performance Custom Meats

    Performance Custom Meats

    Performance Custom Meats are butcher-shop quality, custom fresh cut and processed meats.

  • Piancone


    Piancone’s premium selection of authentic and innovative Italian products is produced to rigorous specifications.

  • Raffinato


    Raffinato includes premium cheeses such as Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Provolone for classic Italian recipes.

  • Ridegecrest


    Ridgecrest provides chefs with the highest levels of quality and consistency for center-of-the-plate solutions.

  • Roasters Exchange Coffee

    Roasters Exchange

    Roasters Exchange offers a full line of premium and decaffeinated coffees in mild, medium, and dark varieties.

  • Roma


    Encompassing Old World excellence, Roma boasts consistent, high quality products, many of which are imported directly from Italy.

  • Rye Street

    Rye Street

    From gourmet pickles to kettle-cooked chips, Rye Street continues to expand to meet the demands of our operators.

  • Salute


    Salute boasts superior quality mozzarella cheeses made with excellent flavor, texture, and consistency.

  • Silver Source

    Silver Source

    Silver Source is a multi-category brand that’s ideal for customers with a need for value-priced core products.

  • Stonehouse


    StoneHouse beef offers quality and value while meeting industry standards for prime and choice product lines.

  • Surety Beef


    Surety Beef® is built on the most comprehensive farm-to-fork quality assurance program with complete documentation.

  • Sweet Encore Logo

    Sweet Encore

    Sweet Encore is a full line of fine desserts to meet the appetite of a range of operators.

  • The Fresh Catch

    The Fresh Catch

    A variety of fin fish and shellfish, always 100% fresh, never frozen.

  • Ultimelt


    Ultimelt EZ Melt American cheeses feature the highest quality ingredients and superior flavor profile.

  • Ultimo


    Ultimo! features almost everything a pizza operator needs to run a delicious operation.

  • Village Garden Salad Dressings

    Village Garden Dressings

    Village Garden features a variety of premium dressings with a fresh, homemade taste.

  • West Creek

    West Creek

    The hallmark of quality, consistency, and value, West Creek features reliable products in a variety of categories.

  • brand_world dock

    World Dock Seafood

    World Dock offers core seafood products, including fin fish and shellfish, to customers looking for value and quality.