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Meet Peak Fresh Produce

Peak means premium and only the best produce gets to be part of the Peak Fresh Produce® brand. We set the highest standards for growers and packers to ensure Peak Fresh Produce performs every time. Fruits and vegetables are picked at their “peak time" to be the tastiest and most beautiful produce in the industry. Many arrive fully washed so you can spend less time cleaning and more time cooking. Depend on Peak Fresh Produce for that fresh-from-the-farm flavor that makes your dishes stand above the rest.

Peak Fresh Produce Products

Bulk Produce
Peak brings you only the best-quality fruits and vegetables so you can let your menu shine.

Fresh Cut Produce
We offer a complete line of fresh cut produce, available in many different shapes and sizes for ultimate convenience and less waste. Our pre-washed salad mixes are ready to serve.

Fresh Herbs
Our farmers grow herbs year-round for the ultimate in quality and taste. Smaller stems mean more yield and less waste for you.


New Peak Fresh Produce Products