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Roma Ideas and Trends

Looking for new and exciting ways to serve your Roma products? Get fresh ideas, trends and recipes below.
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  • Creative Roma® Pasta Ideas

    Our Piancone® and Roma® pre-made pastas are not just for your entrée menu, learn how you can feature them throughout the day with dishes like breakfast gnocchi hash and Italian nachos.

  • appetizers

    Appetizers or Small Plates? Can't it be both?

    Starters, whether they are appetizers that can be shared amongst a whole table, or small plates that consist of just a bite or two of perfectly mixed flavors, are a great way to get your guests off to a great meal that they’ll remember.

  • Five Frozen Desserts with Wow Factor

    As patrons are looking for unique ways to cool down, why not offer them some Piancone® frozen treats?

  • Chicken is a fresh and delicious pizza topping.

    Fresh Pizza Trends

    Today pizza and pizza variations are showing up anywhere from Italian restaurants to trend-forward eateries. Here are some of the latest pizza trends that we've been seeing.

  • A Guide to Olive Oil and Its Benefits

    Olive oil is an incredibly versatile ingredient, try it drizzled on an antipasto or mix it into a salad dressing. But how much do you really know about this popular oil? Learn more about this popular kitchen item.

  • Pepperoni

    Increase Sales with Pepperoni

    Pepperoni is no longer just on top of pizza; instead, it’s on the side, the bottom and inside of any meal or daypart. Learn how to boost sales by adding pepperoni to your menu.

  • Pizza in a delivery box.

    Raise Brand Awareness With Custom Pizza Boxes

    We can help you design a custom pizza box for your business. With a minimum order of 300 boxes, it's easy to put your brand or a seasonal message on your box.

  • Roma Pesto

    Create Flavorful Dishes with Pesto

    Pesto sauce is capable of many things—even the smallest dab of this sauce can completely transform a dish. Check out our unique burger, sandwich, and wrap ideas featuring pesto and filled with flavor.

  • Squid: A Healthier Snack

    Fried, grilled or tossed into a colorful salad, squid is versatile and affordable while lending itself perfectly to platter size dishes for the table to share. Check out some of our calamari serving ideas.

  • chicken wing recipes to spice up your menu

    Six Chicken Wing Sauces To Spice Up Your Menu

    Whether you're getting ready for football or just looking to spice up your menu, we have six fresh wing sauces for you to try out on your menu with your favorite chicken wings. When making wings, we suggest starting with our Roma® Wingzz (bone-in), Roma® Wyngz (boneless), or our West Creek® Wings.