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Roma Ideas and Trends

Looking for new and exciting ways to serve your Roma products? Get fresh ideas, trends and recipes below.
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  • A Creative New Twist on Uses for Piancone and Roma Pasta

    Stuck in a rut when it comes to pasta? Try some of these innovative ideas out on your customers - they are sure to grab some attention on any menu. From Italian Nachos (made from pasta sheets) to Gnocchi for breakfast - we will have you rethinking and repurposing pasta in ways you never thought possible!

  • appetizers

    Appetizers or Small Plates? Can't it be both?

    Starters, whether they are appetizers that can be shared amongst a whole table, or small plates that consist of just a bite or two of perfectly mixed flavors, are a great way to get your patrons off to a great meal that they’ll remember.

  • Behind the Scenes with a Dough Ball

    Pre-made dough balls can save you hours in prep time every week. Learn the benefits of incorporating frozen dough balls into your daily routine.

  • Delectable Italian Style Desserts for Spring

    Summer, Fall and Winter are seasons for fruit pies, but Spring is a season when customer naturally choose lighter flavors.

  • affogato

    Espresso, Meet Gelato: The Affogato

    One of our favorite ways to mix two of our favorite products, the affogato is an amazing dessert, snack, or even breakfast for patrons who are in the mood to indulge. So simple, yet so decadent, a fresh shot of strong espresso is poured over creamy gelato for strong, sweet, slightly melty perfection.

  • Five Frozen Desserts with Wow Factor

    As patrons are looking for unique ways to cool down, why not offer them some Piancone® frozen treats?

  • Chicken is a fresh and delicious pizza topping.

    Fresh Trends for Pizza Month

    Pizza shows up on one third of all restaurant menus, and while in a 2014 Datassential study 40 percent of consumers reported that pepperoni was their favorite topping, restaurants are going way beyond that. And, pizza isn’t just for pizzerias anymore. Today pizza and variations on the theme are showing up anywhere from Italian restaurants to trend-forward eateries. In honor of National Pizza Month, we’re rounding up some of the latest pizza trends.

  • No Green Beer

    For many, a restaurant with even the most tenuous Irish connection to St. Patrick’s Day can mean only one thing– a pretty raucous party. Green beer, cheap and ever flowing. Grab those diners who are looking for an Irish meal instead of an Irish brawl.

  • Olive Oil 101: Understanding Olive Oil and its Many Benefits

    Embrace the Many Benefits of Olive Oil. Drizzle it on an antipasto. Mix it into a salad dressing. Lightly saute it with garlic and toss it with a pasta dish...the uses of olive oil are endless, and as we all know, delicious. But how much do you really know about this popular oil? Make sure you're well informed of the best olive oils to use in your dishes, and the differences between the many types.

  • Path to the Perfect Meatball

    Which size? Pre-cooked or raw? With so many options and flavors, how do you decode which meatball is right for you?