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PathProvenThe origin, handling and processing practices for our exclusive brands and selected exclusive products is of utmost importance, whether it’s a prime-aged steak or line-caught tuna. That is why we created PathProven, a revolutionary process for guaranteeing the quality and origin of these products.  Whenever you see the PathProven logo on a box or package, you can rest assured that that product can be tracked right back to the feedlot, ocean or farm that it came from, and that its entire production process has been carefully inspected and regulated.

How It Works

The path to your plate is verified in different ways depending on the product. In some cases we use third-party audit systems to verify the origin and handling processes. In other instances we deal directly with the breeder, grower, fishermen or packer/processor so we can pinpoint exactly where the product came from, then we implement our own transporting and processing standards to verify every step of the journey to your operation.


Our flagship beef brand, Braveheart Black Angus Beef is the first boxed beef program in the United States to utilize Progressive Beef certified feed yards and DNA TraceBack® technology to ensure Braveheart cattle are majority Black Angus. Our DNA technology also allows us to trace every cut of meat back to the animal it came from. The PathProven beef system includes standards for feeding, health, and humane treatment, which are just as important as an animal’s genetics in determining quality. Learn more about Braveheart and PathProven.


By working with farms and fishermen directly, we are able to verify the origin of certain species of seafood for our brands, and often we can track our fish back to exactly where and when they were caught. 


Our Allegiance and West Creek fresh pork comes from one producer and packer, then is processed exclusively for us in its own plant, so we are able to closely oversee the entire process. In addition, we use the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program to confirm that our pork is safe and of the highest quality, and that the animals are cared for in a manner that ensures their well being. This is a 100-percent closed-loop PathProven system from conception through distribution.

As we continue to launch new brands, we carefully define each product’s PathProven process based on where and how it is sourced, along with industry standards for excellence.  In all cases, a third party audit is conducted annually to verify the PathProven system is being implemented on a daily basis.

To learn more about the PathProven process for a specific Performance Foodservice product, contact Dr. Brad Morgan, Senior Director of Protein, through our Contact Us form.