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What's new from Great American Appetizers?

Great American Appetizers Rolls Out Two New Products...


Onion StringsAt Great American Appetizers, Inc. we have the ability, the people and the tools to be creative and innovative making us a leader in the appetizer category. Our latest sensations that are making waves in the industry are our very craveable Onion Strings and Flour Dipped Onion Rings.

These delicious Onion Strings are created from Spanish Sweet onions and are thinly sliced into 1/8" pieces. Then the strings are lightly dipped in seasoned flour giving them their flavor and texture. For a back of the house appearance they are coated with a made from scratch style breading that gives these strings a perfect crunch when cooked.


Onion RingsRemember the classic homemade onion rings that you had as a kid? Bring those memories back to life with these classic, traditional Flour Dipped Onion Rings. A light crispy crunch surrounds the sweet onion rings for a simple taste with a homemade appearance.

Great American appetizersNeed a little southern comfort in your food? Our beloved southern favorites are simple, succulent and savory. From tangy, firm vegetables to the golden brown crunch, these American classics come with all the comfort you crave in traditional southern style food.