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About Liguria

LiguriaLiguria Foods, Inc. provides premium quality meat toppings, including what many consider the market’s best-tasting pepperoni. They painstakingly follow their old-world recipes, providing their customers (and your customers) with the same performance and flavor each and every day. 

Founded in Humboldt, Iowa, in 1974, Liguria's dry sausage business has continued to grow thanks to customers who appreciate the artisan approach they use to create high-quality pepperoni, Genoa, and hard salami. Liguria specializes in foodservice, creating quality product for quality-minded pizzerias and sandwich shops (and their customers) that appreciate the authentic Italian taste of pepperoni and Italian-specialty meats from Liguria. 

Liguria uses the highest quality ingredients–always fresh and never frozen–sourced directly from long-time area farms. The dedicated production process merges modern technology with traditional touches, like a red-wood drying room, enabling Liguria to create consistently delicious products. The result is premier toppings with dependable kitchen performance, for a difference consumers can see and taste. 

Features and Benefits of Liguria Products

  • Premium, consistent products 
  • Naturally hardwood smoked 
  • 100% yield and portion control 
  • Prep time and labor savings - ready to use 
  • No MSG, extenders or fillers of any kind 
  • All-natural offerings with no added nitrates, nitrites, BHA or BHT