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SCA AfH Professional Hygiene

SCA is one of the largest away-from-home manufacturers of sanitary paper products in North America. Our segment-driven solutions include Tork® napkins, hand towels, bath and facial tissue, skin care, wipers, and dispensers.Xpressnap

Xpressnap® Celebrates 10 Years

SCA is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Tork Xpressnap, the #1 napkin dispensing system in North America!

One-at-a-time dispensing has stopped 40 billion napkins from entering the waste stream in the past 10 years, as Xpressnap prevents patrons from grabbing fistfuls of unneeded napkins. This sustainability feature also translates into substantial savings for restaurant and foodservice operators.

Click here to see for yourself how Xpressnap reduces napkin usage by 25% guaranteed!

The greatest. The latest.

 Earlier this year, SCA added several new models to its new Signature line, completing its Xpressnap family and offering:

  • New stylish, modern, sleek design
  • Trendy colors including Chili, Ice, Licorice and Blueberry
  • Improved operational functionality
  • Increased napkin capacity
  • Same great benefits as the Classic line, including improved hygiene, reduced waste and lower labor costs


It’s a dispenser. It’s a display.

The Xpressnap AD-a-Glance feature turns your dispenser into an on-site marketing tool to boost your business. Click here to try the free Xpressnap AD-a-Glance Customizer tool that allows you to frequently change and personalize the displays in your dispenser. Recent research conducted jointly by SCA and the National Restaurant Association found that Promoting loyalty programs leads to repeat visits by 72 percent of patrons. Click here to learn more about the marketing messages that drive repeat business and inspire patrons to make recommendations.

SCA Dispensers

Lift your washroom to a new level

Tork Elevation™ dispensers . . . designed to deliver less
  • Effortless. Elevation dispensers are purposely engineered to simplify the restroom experience. Which is why we use the most advanced motor in the industry to deliver performance in its purest form. For one less complication.
  • Priceless. Elevation products are designed to save your business money. Such as roll towels guaranteed to ensure you spend 10% less on refills, waste, and labor. For one less budget burden.
  • Harmless. Elevation products are carefully developed to make the restroom less hands-on. Which means you can rely on our touch-less dispensing options to reduce contact, contamination, and contagion. For one less sick day.
  • Seamless. Every detail of the Tork Elevation dispenser line is thoughtfully designed to deliver less. Such as a streamlined casing that means one less place for germs to hide. For one less bad impression.

 Click here to sign up for a free trial of Tork Elevation dispensers.

SCA Premium TowelsTork Premium towels . . . softness beyond expectation

Your restroom makes an impression that reflects on your entire business. Studies show that customers and tenants judge your facility in large part by the condition of the restroom. That’s why we’ve enhanced our collection of Tork hand towels – our softest, highest performing products are the ideal choice when your customers expect only the best. Tork products improve your restroom, so you always make the right impression.

Does sustainability matter to your customers?

A 2012 Harris Poll commissioned by SCA found that more than two-thirds (69%) of American adults purchase green products or services. Among them, 48% make these purchases because they are better for the environment.

Let your customers know about the things you are doing to protect the environment with tools from SCA, including:

  • Dispenser stickers indicating 100% recycled, third-party certified towel and tissue inside
  • Xpressnap AD-a-Glance templates highlighting how one-at-a-time dispensing reduces usage and waste
  • Window/mirror clings and table tents showing your environmental efforts
If you’re interested in getting any of these tools for your business, please talk with your SCA representative.


Environmental certifications

SCA and FirstMark are proud to offer products and solutions that are certified by some of the world’s most trusted environmental groups, including Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and EcoLogo and Grean Seal, the premiere eco-labeling programs in North America. SCA was the first North American away-from-home manufacturer to attain compost certification for our napkin line. Click to read more about BPI Compostable, EcoLogo Program and Green Seal Program.

Environmental Certifications  

Tork Better Business BriefStay current on industry news with the Tork Better Business Center

The Tork Better Business Center (BBC) is an online information resource created by SCA to help customers enhance their bottom line and achieve their business goals. It's a one-stop source for tips, insights and industry best practices. Click here to receive the Better Business Brief, a monthly email that will link you to the latest information posted on the BBC.