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Make sure you're up to date on the latest and greatest products we've added under our exclusive brands. We constantly seek out the freshest trends and product innovations to bring the highest quality products and solutions to your operation.

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  • West Creek Breaders

    West Creek® Breaders and West Creek® Sweet Onion Hush Puppy Mix

    West Creek® Breaders are available in five distinctive blends designed for a variety of applications. These are one-step breaders that require no milk or egg pre-wash before breading. This reduces the amount of sifting and extends the useful life of the breaders. West Creek® Breaders reduce prep time and help to get meals to the table faster without sacrificing flavor and provide a consistent product.

  • Nature's Best Ice Cream Cups

    Natures Best Dairy® Ice Cream Cups

    Nature’s Best Dairy® Ice Cream Cups are available in three popular flavors: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. These are a great item for camps, schools, concessions, adult living facilities or anywhere there's a need for a quality portioned frozen dessert.

  • Nature's Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

    Nature’s Best Dairy® Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

    Nature’s Best Dairy® Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix is available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. Use these for soft serve cones, cups and sundaes, in milkshakes or as a dairy base in blended beverages.

  • Surity Beef

    Surety Beef™ Products

    With Surety Beef™ you’ll be sure about where our product comes from and assured of its best‑in‑class quality and consistency from one week to the next.

    Surety Beef™ products are available in a variety of grind, chuck, loin, rib, round and thin cuts.

  • fried shrimp

    Brilliance® High Performance Soybean Clear Fry Oil and Brilliance® High Performance Sunflower Clear Oil

    Brilliance® High Performance Soybean Clear Fry Oil is a proprietary blend of high oleic Plenish® soybean oil and traditional soybean oil.

    Brilliance® High Performance Sunflower Oil is a clear 100% mid
    oleic oil that is naturally GMO-free.

  • Burst Spices

    Burst™ Spices

    Choose from whole allspice, basil leaves, barbeque seasoning, cayenne pepper, celery salt, chili powder, ground cinnamon, whole cloves, ground cumin, curry powder, whole dill weed, ground fennel seed, granulated garlic, garlic powder, garlic salt, ground ginger, ground mustard, mustard seed, ground nutmeg, minced onion and onion powder, onion salt, whole oregano leaves, sweet paprika, parsley flakes, ground black pepper, whole black peppercorns, crushed red pepper, fine ground white pepper, rib seasoning rub, rubbed sage, mild cajun seasoning lemon pepper, salt, hulled sesame seeds, whole thyme leaves, and ground tumeric.

  • Empires Treasure® Spicy Breaded Shrimp Tenders and Shrimp Scampi

    Performance Foodservice boasts an expansive offering of individually quick-frozen and breaded seafood products under its Empire’s Treasure® brand. Breaded selections of shrimp and scallops are available as well as ready to saute shrimp scampi.

  • Empire's Treasure Breaded Pollock

    Empire’s Treasure® Colonel Jim’s Cornmeal Breaded Pollock Portions and Tenders

    Crunchy, perfectly spiced cornmeal breading surrounds these light and flaky Alaskan Pollock fillets. Empire’s Treasure® Colonel Jim’s Cornmeal Breaded Pollock Portions and Tenders are satisfying and delicious.

  • Contigo Plantains

    Contigo Plantains and Tostones

    Plantains and Tostones are a staple of the Latin diet – for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

  • Empire's Treasure Oysters

    Empire's Treasure Tray Pack Oysters on the Half Shell

    These Empire’s Treasure® oysters on the half shell are not only delicious, they're convenient to use. The unique vacuum-sealed packaging encases the natural oyster liquor in the oyster shell ensuring fresh and consistent flavor. The oysters are packed and frozen within hours of harvest, adding to the fresh flavor appeal. To use, simply thaw the 12-count tray packs upside down in a cooler for three to four hours, flip them over, remove the film and they're ready to prep!