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Heritage Ovens® Premium Brussels Waffles

Performance Foodservice is pleased to present authentic premium Brussels (Belgian) parbaked waffles in our Heritage Ovens® brand. In the spirit of the best artisanal Belgian traditions, our Heritage Ovens® Premium Brussels Waffles combine a classic recipe with superior quality ingredients to produce a lightly leavened batter that results in a waffle with a crispy, airy texture and a delicious taste. Baked in Belgium, these waffles are 4”x 3” rectangles weighing 1.59 ounces each and are packed in 48 count boxes. Prepared from frozen, our crispy waffles are free of the mess of mixes or waffle irons and deliver perfectly delicious consistency every time. Great for multiple day parts and a wide variety of menu options.

Features, Benefits, and Serving Suggestions

  • Parbaked then frozen and feature a crisp outside and a light and airy inside. 
  • Ideal neutral carrier for sweet and savory toppings. 
  • Made with a thin, yeast-leavened batter which makes them lighter.
  • Rectangular shape with deep holes and smooth edges. 
  • Ideal as an entree for breakfast or anytime.
  • Use as a replacement for bread on a breakfast sandwich.
  • Dress with Nature’s Best Dairy® Ice Cream for a delicious dessert option.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.