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Heritage Ovens Cookielossus Cookie

Heritage Ovens is proud to offer a monumental wheel of chocolate chip cookie goodness. The 7” wide, 11.4 oz. Cookielossus™ pan cookie is loaded with rich chocolate chunks nestled in a deliciously dense cookie dough. Packaged in its own aluminum tin, this giant par-baked cookie can go from freezer to  oven for a chocolatey, gooey, shareable cookie treat. Or, simply thaw and serve straight out of the tin.

Serving Suggestions

The Cookielossus is a wonderful base for a variety of creative toppings. Ice cream is always  a favorite—but why stop there? Add flavored syrups, whipped cream, nuts, and candy pieces for a larger-than-life shareable sundae. Sandwich ice cream in between two Cookielossus Cookies for a giant ice cream sandwich! Try frosting and decorating a Cookielosssus for a creative birthday or special occasion cake substitute.

For those chocolate chip cookie purists, simply slice the Cookielossus with a pizza wheel and serve individual slices. These cookies make a great dessert item for pizza or sandwich delivery establishments—just place one in a small pizza box! 

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.