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West Creek® Tart Dried Cherries

Distinctly sour with a hint of sweetness, West Creek® Tart Dried Cherries are Montmorency Cherries picked at the height of freshness in Michigan, the Montmorency Cherry producing capital of the world.

Vibrant red pitted, sweetened, dehydrated but juicy and ready to eat, West Creek® Tart Whole Dried Cherries are a staple in many kitchens and a great way for operators to add nutritious flavor to existing offerings, provide sweetness to menu items without adding sugar, provide a topping with health benefits or dress up a menu item. Use in sauces, pies, or use dried for toppings for salads, cereals, pancakes waffles, French toast or desserts. They are ideal as a trail mix ingredient, as a garnish or as a bakery or cooking ingredient. These work well with proteins like pork and poultry and with chocolate, wild rice and even bourbons and brandies. 

Packed in a 5-lb. bag per case and a one-year shelf-life, this product is fully usable with no waste.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.