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A restaurant has a lot of moving parts. We help keep them moving smoothly.

In today’s marketplace, operators are faced with competition from every direction. At Performance Foodservice, we understand the dedication and long hours it takes to build a business from the ground up. Our Spark program is designed to help you gain additional customer consideration, compete more efficiently and reduce your costs. When our customers join the Spark program, they receive discounts from our Spark suppliers. Start reaping the benefits of the discounted value added services offered by our service providers below. There is no cost for Performance Foodservice customers to join, and no obligation associated with the program.


Marketing Resources
Looking to increase sales and grow your business? Get connected to industry specific professionals who can help you implement impactful marketing programs for your foodservice operation.

Restaurant Operations
Want to focus on serving delicious food to your customers? Find trusted partners to help you optimize efficiencies in your business operations.

Staff Solutions
Invest in employee training and management with resources that will help you find, retain and develop the best people in the business.