Piancone®Italian Gelato & Sorbet

Piancone® Hazelnut Gelato, Piancone® Raspberry Sorbet, and Piancone® Mango Sorbet. This premium selection of Piancone® Italian Gelato and Sorbet is the latest addition to the line of premium, authentic, and innovative 100% Italian products. Piancone® Italian Gelato & Sorbet is made on the beautiful island of Sicily, where the Mediterranean Sea blends with the rich Sicilian soil to produce exceptional citrus fruits, berries, almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

Italian Gelato is a full-flavored and luxurious frozen dessert with a smooth and creamy texture. With the addition of Piancone® Hazelnut Gelato, Piancone® Italian Gelato is now available in eight different flavors, and made with local Sicillian products to create an exceptionally smooth and creamy textured dessert with an exquisite taste. Piancone® Raspberry Sorbet, and Piancone® Mango Sorbet are now available, in addition to Piancone® Lemon Sorbet, and Piancone® Mandarin Sorbet.

Piancone® Italian Gelato is packed in 1-gallon containers and is now available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, Sea Salt Caramel, Stracciatella (creamy vanilla gelato with luscious dark chocolate slivers), Hazelnut, and Custard flavors. Piancone® Pistachio Italian Gelato, and Piancone® Hazelnut Italian Gelato are made with fresh Sicilian nuts. Piancone® Italian Gelato is superior to the competition, yielding unmatched and classic flavors.

Piancone® Lemon Sorbet, made from Sicilian lemons, Piancone® Mandarin Sorbet, made from Sicilian mandarin juice, Piancone® Raspberry Sorbet made with fresh raspberry puree, and Piancone® Mango Sorbet, made with fresh mango puree are also packed in 1-gallon containers, and are creamier than most sorbets. Piancone® sorbets are made with essential oils from lemons and mandarin oranges, and only the freshest berries and fruits, providing a refreshing fuity flavor in every bite.

Gelato or sorbet is the perfect way to end a meal or to serve as a decadent snack during the day. Compared to ice cream, it has more flavor and is less filling. Piancone® Italian Gelato is designed for the restauranteur, caterer, ice cream shop, or any Italian retailer serving gelato who wishes to add an authentic Italian Gelato to the menu. Enjoy a little taste of Italy and purchase Piancone® Italian Gelato and Sorbet.

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