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How to Perfect Your Delivery Fries

Spicy Sriracha FriesWith the launch of third party delivery services, your guests have more ways than ever to enjoy your food at home, and home delivery traffic is expected to grow at double-digit rates in the next five years. The key to successful delivery is maintaining the same great taste of your food even after it’s been delivered to your guest’s home. But it can be difficult to keep items like fries staying hot and crispy when they aren’t coming straight from the fryer to the table. 

Why good fries go bad
Many fries were designed to be eaten within a few minutes of cooking, when their crispness and temperature are at their peak. Delivery is tough on fries because they lose their heat and often become limp. The good news is that, by choosing the right fry, you have a much better chance to deliver crisp, warm fries and make your customers happy.

Tip #1:  Use ventilated paper packaging
Just the right amount of airflow helps move moisture away from the fries while still allowing heat retention. Paper bags/sleeves and paper-based, lidded serving containers work well; punching holes in them with a paper punch helps them perform even better. 

Tip #2:  Select a fry made for delivery
Traditional, uncoated fries are best when eaten within a few minutes after cooking—making them a poor choice for delivery.  Below are some smart alternatives.

  • Clear coated fries:  These fries feature a thin, invisible coating that helps retain heat and crispness longer—but without masking their potato flavor. You get the look and taste of a traditional fry, but with far better delivery performance.
  • Battered fries:  With thick, wheat-based batters, these fries offer the highest heat retention and crispy crunch.  They also come in variety of flavor profiles that you can use to match your restaurant’s theme and cuisine. 

Tip #3:  Use a thicker cut
The thinner the cut, the faster the fries loses their heat.  For delivery, try choosing a thicker cut—like Simplot Sidewinders™ Fries—can be a great option.  

Get bold with Simplot Sidewinders™ Fries—create your favorite signature sauces and dips and package them for an off-premise option. Use ingredients you have on-hand to add these unique fries to your to-go menu. 

Whatever you choose, it’s time to say goodbye to cold, soggy fries. To request a FREE sample of any Simplot product, contact them here.

This content was provided by Simplot.