Reduce Food Waste. Save Time. Save Energy. Save Money.

Because every foodservice operation functions differently, it’s difficult to put an exact dollar figure on how much money your operation will save with RD Fresh. Energy costs will certainly drop, as will food costs due to reduced waste from spoilage. But RD Fresh creates other opportunities to save as well. You may be able to place larger orders and get case break prices or place fewer orders overall. That creates labor savings, by requiring less time receiving and rotating product. Wherever the savings comes from, there is no question that RD Fresh provides a return on your investment and helps you serve a safer, fresher, healthier product.

What RD Fresh Does

  • Increases the shelf life of food up to 50%.
  • Reduces refrigeration temperatures three-to-five degrees.
  • Reduces bacteria, cross contamination and the transfer of food odors.
  • Reduces refrigeration cycles up to 25% and reduce refrigeration costs up to 15%.

Monthly Savings on an 8x12x8 Walk-In Cooler with 3 RD Fresh Units

25% reduction in compressor run time    $29.24  
One hour per week reduced labor to stock and rotate product ($10/hr)   $40.00
Gross Monthly Savings   $69.24
Cost for three RD Fresh units - $45.00
Net RD Fresh savings before food cost reduction   $24.24

Now Add up the Other Savings

Assuming $10,000 in monthly food purchases, a 1% savings from reduced food waste puts $100 more in your pocket. A 3% reduction in waste saves $300. The most important savings, however, may come from avoiding a slip-and-fall accident due to RD Fresh absorbing excess moisture, or from preventing a customer from getting sick due to contaminated food. 

Performance Foodservice customers receive a 40% discount on RD Fresh Direct Ship. To get started, sign up for the Performance Foodservice SPARK program and request more information.



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