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Handle With Care

Takeout and delivery is becoming second nature. You want to find the balance between keeping your in-house diners happy while meeting the needs of the growing takeout and delivery audience. One way to do that is to understand how packaging plays a role in the satisfaction of not only your in-house diners but your takeout customers as well.

To help you navigate through your packaging options, we have developed Grow To-Go™, a portfolio of products designed to help you find the right solutions for your restaurant needs. Container offerings range from round and rectangular to compartmentalized and vented of various sizes and depths. Rest assured that all products will ensure your menu items travel well, are safe and secure, arrive at the perfect temperature and taste delicious.

Featuring First Mark®, Silver Source® and Pactiv®  brands, through our online catalog, we will help guide you through finding the right containers, utensils, cups, portion cups, and even bags for your operation.

Your Place or Mine?

New technology, mobile apps and delivery services are contributing to the takeout and delivery phenomenon, which is surpassing the $52 billion mark. As a restaurant operator, now is the time to evaluate your strategy and determine how you can provide a takeout program that meets consumer needs for convenience, while maintaining the quality and taste of your menu.

Delivery isn’t just for pizza anymore. Today’s diners are looking for variety when it comes to takeout. In fact, in a 2017 Technomic study, when asked which items they recently ordered for takeout and delivery, the most popular items ordered were pizza (62%), chicken (46%), sandwiches (45%), burgers (43%), and salad (37%). No food is off-limits and you want to make sure you aren’t leaving dollars on the table. Embrace the trend and prepare for profits!

Grow To Go Catalog

Keys to Success

While creating a takeout strategy can be a nice bump for your bottom line, there are many things to consider as you develop your plan. Though profitable, a sudden increase in orders can also paralyze a kitchen and impact dine-in customers. While your restaurant could be exposed to many new customers through a third-party delivery service, you must also weigh the impact of how a negative customer experience with a delivery service will impact your brand.

Minimize Business Disruption
Many operators have chosen to create a specialized delivery-only area of kitchen, or even an entirely separate kitchen to maintain efficiency. Streamlining your delivery menu, especially in the beginning, will help ensure profitability and enable you to refine your processes as needed. Look for delivery services that allow you the flexibility to pause delivery during a rush or time you want people to dine-in only.

Ensure a Positive Customer Experience
It can be difficult to track, but monitor third party services and the level of service they extend to your customers. Enlist front-of-house staff to alert you to any potential issues. There are many different services out there and if you detect a service level issue, you can switch to another provider. You should also review packaging options that best suit your cuisine for maximum flavor and presentation. Our new Grow To-Go™ program can help navigate you through your options.

Think it Through:


 •Potential loss of quality control
 •Impact on systems and processes
 •Devious behavior from drivers
 •Margins are lower

 •Low cost of entry
 •Instant fleet of drivers
 •Push new day parts for your operation
 •Increase in orders and profit

Speak to your sales representative for more information on this and for more ideas on how to build your business.