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Our Commitment to Food Safety Practices

Food Safety

The ability to recall and remove unsafe products from the supply chain is a crucial component to a strong food safety system. With this in mind, Performance Foodservice has thoughtfully and diligently implemented robust recall plans and procedures across all of our operating companies. As a part of these plans and procedures, Performance Foodservice has five goals to achieve during any recall event in which we are involved:

  1. Follow all of our in-place recall procedures to the letter
  2. Communicate precisely to every impacted customer with detail, speed, and effectiveness
  3. Account for all recall product that was received into our inventory
  4. Recover product to affected customers at an urgent pace
  5. Remember the recall is for the health and safety of our customers and our customers’ customers.

The first goal on our list has many complex components that are executed by the Recall Leader at each operating company. The duties of the Recall Leader require excellent skills in precision and decision and include all of the following actions:

  • Confirm all product information from the supplier issuing the recall is correct and complete
  • Check inventory to determine if recalled product was received, shipped, or is still in inventory
  • Segregate and Label recalled product still in inventory so it does not ship
  • Determine all of the customers who were shipped recalled product
  • Contact customers who received recalled product
  • Describe the product recall to the person in charge at the customer location
  • Provide disposal and credit instructions to the customer if they still have recalled product in stock
  • Maintain all product recall documentation to comply with FDA Recall investigations
  • Report involvement in the product recall to FDA via the Reportable Food Registry
  • Conduct Recall Effectiveness Check
  • Determine improvement opportunities after the recall is CLOSED

In the end, the true measure of an effective recall is immeasurable…people who don’t get sick are still willing and happy to return to your establishment.