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Ken's Foodservice

Flavor Comes First

At Ken’s, flavor is #1. And whatever follows flavor is a very distant second. That’s why they're constantly crafting new dressings and sauces to help you stay on top of the latest and greatest food trends that ‘ll surprise your customers and help you make your mark.

It’s because of this devotion that Ken’s has developed the absolute best offerings of flavor throughout their entire industry. From Ken’s Foods, to their foodservice offerings, to Sweet Baby Ray’s, nobody knows dressings and sauces quite like Ken's does.

Kens ProductsKen's didn't invent variety, they just perfected it.

If you’re looking for a flavor, you’ll find it at Ken’s. With more than 200 varieties of dressings, sauces, and marinades from Ken’s and Sweet Baby Ray’s, they're your one-stop flavor shop for everything from their Chardonnay Vinaigrette or Korean BBQ & Wing Sauce to their 12 unique varieties of Ranch and more.

They know that every business has different needs, so they're proud to offer their products in every shape or size you need – including bulk containers, portion control pouches and cups, 32 oz. pour bottles, dispenser packs and more. Because at Ken’s, they don’t just sell dressings and sauces—they're a menu solutions provider.  

Always working on the next big flavor.Ken's

Since their start at Ken’s Steakhouse in Framingham, MA over 75 years ago, Ken's flavor-forward dressings and sauces have been family-made and held to the highest standards. 

Today their culinary team of executive chefs not only continue to uphold those standards, but use their diverse knowledge and expertise toconstantly refine and develop new flavors.

Ken's understands that customer preferences are always changing, so their Research & Development center works hard to grow their product line along with the latest food trends. What’s the next Sriracha sauce? The next Buffalo? Or the next Gochujang? These are the kinds of question they're currently working to answer.

Whether it’s products like their new Ken’s Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette or Sweet Baby Ray’s Citrus Garlic Mojo Wing Sauce, they're always working to make sure their dressing lineup boasts delicious flavors and lends itself to countless applications in the kitchen.

Ken's Foodservice

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