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Piancone® Epicureo Bottled Mineral Water

Piancone Epicureo Bottled WaterPiancone Epicureo Italian Imported Bottled Mineral Water originates from the Flaminia Spring not far from the town of Nocera Umbra in the Province of Perugia, Italy and dating back to 1894. Emerging from a natural spring over 1,500 feet above sea level that’s nestled in the Umbrian mountains, Piancone Epicureo Italian Imported Bottled Mineral Water has a clean, refreshing taste and a natural quality and purity to be enjoyed by the most sophisticated tastes. The pleasant, well‑balanced flavor of Piancone Epicureo Italian Imported Bottled Mineral Water is ideal for fine dining enthusiasts and complements the finest food pairings. Available in Still and Sparkling, these fine mineral waters are ideal for those who prefer water with a lower sodium content but with the benefits of the rich minerals found in natural spring water.

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