We are at the forefront of the Agriscience movement and we’re only getting started.

We are excited to partner with Conscious Foods of Durham, NC to bring to market in early 2023 – Peak Fresh Produce® Purple Power Baby Greens Blend. This product is on the cutting edge of gene-edited produce innovation and is being created to our high standards to develop a delicious, nutrient dense, hearty, vibrant, leafy green blend with great taste and spectacular plate coverage.

Proudly hailing primarily from America’s Salad Bowl – the Salinas valley and Santa Maria, California - and in Yuma, Arizona in colder months – we are pairing the latest in gene-editing technology with tried-and-true farming practices to create leafy greens that look beautiful, pack a punch of flavor, and are highly nutritious.

How do we do it? Introducing CRISPR Technology

Peak Baby Mustard Greens by Conscious Foods

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) Technology is a gene editing technique that allows for targeted improvement to certain characteristics of a plant by taking a sequence of DNA and its associated protein to edit the base pairs of a gene. This technology, utilized by Pairwise, makers of Conscious Foods, and perfected by scientists at Harvard, the Broad Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital, enables the introduction of new varieties of fruits and vegetables faster than is possible using traditional plant breeding methods. Similar to a text editor, CRISPR can “delete” or “cut and paste” parts of a plant’s DNA, so that the plant has different, desirable characteristics such as being more snackable, higher in antioxidants, more disease resistant, containing fewer or no seeds, or improving flavor — just to name a few. This process does what the centuries-old practices of crossbreeding could do, but in a far shorter amount of time.

Gene editing is used by the Conscious™ Foods team to develop new varieties of familiar plants, like leafy greens or berries, that then are made into interesting, new foods. Unlike GMO varieties, our gene-edited fruits and vegetable products do not contain foreign DNA.1 2

This technology will transcend how vegetables and fruits are grown and Performance Foodservice is excited to be the first foodservice company with this technology in its private brand portfolio. Our corporate chefs have had firsthand experience with this product, and we are happy to share their recipe ideations with you. You’re among the first to see a sneak PEEK into the future of produce.

** 1. Turnbull C, Lillemo M and Hvoslef-Eide TAK (2021) Global Regulation of Genetically Modified Crops Amid the Gene Edited Crop Boom – A Review. Front. Plant Sci. 12:630396. doi:10.3389/fpls.2021.630396:10.3389/fpls.2021.630396; 2. GENE EDITING VERSUS GENETIC MODIFICATION IN THE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF NEW CROP TRAITS: AN ECONOMIC COMPARISON Bullock et al., Amer. J. Agr. Econ. 00(00): 1–20; doi:10.1111/ajae.12201:

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