Vai Fresco

Frozen, Fully Topped, Ready-To-Bake Pizza

Vai Fresco 12” pizzas are packed 8 per case and come in four flavors: Cheese, Pepperoni, Breakfast, and Supreme. Fully topped and ready-to-bake, it’s easy to implement these delicious, cost-effective, manageable pizzas into various menus.

Vai Fresco pizza is perfect for any operation looking to quickly and easily offer frozen pizza – from cash and carry to entertainment venues for sports, music, and fun, to ice cream shops and bar and grill restaurants. A 12” Vai Fresco pizza allows for 8 single slices or 4 super slice servings to capitalize on grab-and-go consumption sales and to promote return business.

In addition to hand-stretched crusts, our baked pizzas look like they were made from scratch in a pizzeria and deliver the same fresh taste. For comparison, most frozen pizzas are machine stamped and mass produced. Vai Fresco frozen, fully topped, ready-to-bake pizzas are made with hand-stretched dough, our traditional Roma pizza sauce, Roma mozzarella cheese, and fresh, delicious toppings. There is not a frozen pizza option with a more fresh-baked taste and look currently on the market.

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