La Casa Del Sol, Thibodaux and Houma, Louisiana

La Casa Del Sol

Mr. Constancio Izaguirre Martinez, now known as Mr. C owns La Casa del Sol Restaurants in Thibodaux and Houma, La.

Born in Tampico, Mexico in 1939, at over 80 years old today, he is still very active in the daily operations at both restaurants. When not making operational decisions, Mr. C occasionally serenades many tables in his restaurants by playing his guitar and singing in Spanish.

His entry into the restaurant world began in July 1975 when he moved to the United States (Morgan City) to work in his sister’s restaurants know as Tampico’s Mexican Restaurants. She still owns and operates 4 locations. As of today, she is 105 years old and still wears heels, makeup and colorful dresses when she is in the dining rooms of her restaurants.

Mr. C. was washing dishes for Ms. Carmen at a wage of $1.15 per hour. As needed, he would prepare meals in the kitchen for their customers. He also played music in the dining rooms for tips. It was there that some bankers wanted to invest in his talents. They put together some investors who ultimately got him started with his first restaurant in Thibodaux in 1976 called Constancio’s. In 1978 he opened La Casa Del Sol (The House of the Sun).

Performance Foodservice has been servicing Mr. C’s restaurants in various capacities from day one. Today, we are the primary and soon to be exclusive supplier for La Casa’s food and non-food needs.

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