Ensuring the health and well-being of your patrons is everyone’s utmost priority. Good food safety practices must be in place at every point along the supply chain to make this happen. Our processes and practices work together as a unified and continuous system to ensure both quality and safety. We must have safe and sustainable food in order to feed a growing world of customers, and we are willing to guarantee our commitment to food safety to all of our customers in writing with our Letter of Guarantee.


Product Recalls are complex events, and due to the urgent nature of recalls, people can be misinformed about required processes and procedures in the heat of the moment. To prevent mistakes from happening, here is a list of Recall Tips to keep handy during a recall event that will help guide you smoothly through to the end. Being informed of the procedures ahead of time can help eliminate unnecessary stress and errors. Learn More About Recalls.

Safety Data Sheets

Keep accurate records on hand for your Performance Foodservice branded chemicals. Download the SDS Sheets for your First Mark®, West Creek®, Silver Source® and Roma® branded chemicals today.

Giving Back

Performance Foodservice is proud to partner with Feeding America through raising funds, volunteering our time, and donating hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and non-food items each year. Each food show we host ends with food donations to the area food bank and many of our associates sit on boards of local food banks to help educate and lead non-profits towards success.

California Milk Cows with Logo Overlay


Your Partners In Sustainability

The California Milk Advisory Board represents California’s more than 1100 dairy farm families who lead the world in sustainable farming to produce quality milk for the dairy products that consumers love and chefs love to use. California is number one in dairy – offering a full range of products from milk, ice cream and butter to a variety of fresh, soft, hard and Hispanic-style cheeses. California cheeses are versatile ingredients that give center of the plate satisfaction by adding flavor, texture and protein.

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