With more than 18 years in foodservice distribution, Pepe has been with Performance for 13 years.

As National Director of Sales for our Hispanic/Latin Segment, he is the expert responsible for developing brands and products that help Hispanic restaurants thrive. Pepe’s also extremely proud of his Ecuadorian heritage.

"Ecuador is a beautiful country, with diverse climates and beautiful sceneries – from the Galapagos Islands to the coastal region, from the breathtaking Andes mountains to the rainforest,” said Pepe, who moved to the United States when he was 15 years old. “The Ecuadorian people and the food round up all the reasons I love where i'm from."

Pepe's unwavering focus on relationships is strongly connected to his culture. “So much in Hispanic culture gets done around the table. Family is extremely important, and your word is your bond.” He carries that belief with him on the job every day. “I love working with people and doing everything I can to help them succeed,” said Pepe. “Whether it’s working with customers in the kitchen or our sales team, or working on our next branded product, my goal is to always create an experience that will bring smiles and excitement to the person on the other end.”

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