Asian Pride® Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, Potstickers, and Rangoons, and Entice® Southwest Chicken Egg RollsThis is the one-two punch you’ve been waiting for regarding branded appetizers.

They’re back, and new and improved! We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of a selection of appetizers in our Asian Pride® brand and a new Entice® Southwest Chicken Egg Roll.

The Asian Pride® appetizers include 60/3-ounce Egg Rolls in 3 flavors: Chicken, Pork, and Vegetable. Each egg roll is about 4” long and is brimming quality ingredients and features authentic flavors that are a pleasing balance of savory and sweet with a crunchy wrapper. The egg rolls are fully cooked and frozen and best prepared from frozen in a deep fryer, baked, or heated on a roller grill – note this is ideal for many C-stores. The proprietary method of lightly coating the egg rolls with a thin batter creates a consistent, delectable, and crunchy texture.

The spring rolls are also available in 3 popular flavors: Chicken, Shrimp, and Vegetable, and are packed 160 CT/1.5 ounces, approximately 3” long. They feature a unique crepe wrapper that is light, flaky, and crunchy with a blend of vegetables and cabbage along with shrimp and/or chicken per SKU. A fully cooked item, they are best prepared in a fryer or baked, and are NOT roller grill ready.

The potstickers are bite size snacks filled with chicken or pork that can be prepared traditionally pan-fried, browned, and then steamed on a cooktop or they can be steamed and used as soup dumplings. Each potsticker is just under an ounce. Last in the Asian Pride® assortment are rangoons, the crispy par-fried, hand-folded flour wontons you know and love, filled with either cream cheese or cream cheese and crab.

The last item in our announcement is in our Entice® portfolio, a perfect solution for similar items that have been shorted and are not currently in production. We are pleased to introduce Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls to our brand portfolio. Using the same process of lightly coating an egg roll wrapper (which adds crispiness and an extra layer that makes them suitable for a roller grill). Inside you’ll find a savory combination of chicken, black beans, corn, spinach, peppers, and cheese. Each egg roll is approximately 4” long and they are packed 80/3-ounce per case.

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