Operators and chefs alike will appreciate the consistency, versatility, and value offered by this new product.

Assoluti Pepperoni SlicesAssoluti!® Pepperoni uses a classic “Old World” recipe that includes the perfect blend of spices to give just the right amount of “wow” to pizzas, sandwiches, pasta salads, casseroles, deli trays, charcuterie boards and more! These traditional layflat slices have premium flavor, performance and price. Add Assoluti! Pepperoni to your menu for a new fresh product that delivers!

Features & Benefits

  • Gluten-Free - Gluten may cause adverse immune system response to 0.5% to 1% of the population of the U.S. that has Celiac disease.
  • Gas Flush Pouch - Aids in product shelf-life, product integrity and protection against discoloration.

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