Contigo® Frozen Prepared and Pre-portioned Beef and Frozen Diced Pork

We are excited to introduce Contigo® Frozen Prepared and Pre-portioned Beef and Diced Pork, which are easy to implement proteins that your customers will love because they are easy to use, offer significant labor savings, consistent in size, and are both versatile and delicious.

These new protein items in our Contigo® portfolio are an assortment of new items from our very own La Crosse Meat Plant, which is not only centrally located offering product pick ups and consolidation through our Performance Advantage Warehouse, but also offering the added bonus of delicious and consistent products with supply chain advantages of being a plant owned by Performance Foodservice.

The products themselves are exceptional and ideal for any operator looking for smaller pack sizes (2/5 LB) of sliced, diced, ready-to-season and serve pork and beef - perfect for fajitas or tacos.

In addition to the diced and sliced items, the portfolio includes juicy and delicious enhanced, beef ribeye steak in 8 ounce portions (20 pieces per box) and 2 portion sizes of T-bone steaks - either 10 or 12 ounces, both packed in 10 lb. boxes, that have been moderately enhanced to increase the delicious and juicy beef flavor of this desirable cuts of meat. All of the pre-portioned steaks offer a great plate coverage and are sure to be the star of any center-of-the-plate offering for any operator looking for an moderately enhanced cut of beef.

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